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Promoting High Value Primary Care

This Purchasing Value Network guide provides four steps employers can take to improve the value of primary care. Primary care is central to employer efforts to lower health spending, enhance patient experience, and improve health outcomes.

Health Literacy Linked to Unnecessary Medical Episodes of CareHealth Literacy Linked to Unnecessary Medical Episodes of Care

Health literacy is the single strongest determinant of health status, life expectancy and medical costs. Investing in the promotion of health literacy is a proven way to decrease unnecessary medical expenses, especially ER visits.

High Deductible Health Plans Resulting in Poorer Health & Higher Costs

Employee healthcare costs are rising, fueled in-part by increasing deductibles. Employees may lack the health literacy skills needed to make the best choices when selecting and using their benefits. HDHPs can discourage needed medical services.

Warren Buffet Says Healthcare Costs are the Real Issue

Mr. Buffet recently presented the case for why CEOs are incorrectly distracted by corporate taxes which have been 2-4% of GDP for 50 years. Over the same period healthcare costs, an indirect tax to employers, has risen from 5%-17% of GDP.

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