2017 Past Programs and Presentations




January 26,  2018 - Evaluation of Health Plan Performance Meeting

UHC PPO Texas eValue8 2017 Site Visit


December 5,  2017 - Integrated Wellness Programming to Improve Workforce Health & HBCH Wellness Awards Presentation

Andrew Shatte, Ph.D, meQuillibrium - Experience the Resilience Effect
Heidi McPherson, American Heart Association - Workplace Health Achievement Index

November 1, 2017 - Integrated Data Platforms to Improve Workforce Health

Chris Skisak, PhD, HBCH - National Alliance of Healthcare Purchaser Coalitions Data Platform Benchmarking

Jason Mahler, Aon - A Health Benefits Consultant Perspective

Brent Jensen, Milliman - A Consulting Actuarial Perspective

Will Herold, DHS Group and Ted Barrall, The Friedkin Group  - A Health Analytics Software Company Perspective

Sheryl Dacso, Seyfarth-Shaw - Truths & Myths About Employer Use of Data


August 16, 2017 - Texas Regional Health Forum co-hosted by HBCH & TBGH

Houston Diabetes Prevention Program

Mike Christie, Grand Rounds, "Getting the Right Care at the Right Time in the Right Place at the Right Price"


June 28, 2017 - Alternative Delivery & Payment Models 

David Lansky, PBGH, "APMs - What are they and why are they needed"

David Lansky, PBGH,"Employer Actions to Improve Maternity Care"

Dr. Mark Cone, Privia Medical Group, "Value-Based Maternity Care in Houston"

April 18, 2017 - HBCH Legislative & Regulatory Update

James A. Klein, American Benefits Council

Dr. Tim Garson, Texas Medical Center Health Policy Institute

Adam Laughton,  Seyfarth Shaw LLP &  Laura Ferguson,  Locke Lord LLP


February 28, 2017 - Local Non-Profit Resources for Employers to Achieve Improved Workforce Health

Gabrielle Baumeyer, Reason2Race

Heidi McPherson, American Heart Association

Daryl Hayes, American Diabetes Association

Meredith Noonan, American Cancer Society

Mike Sterling, Us Too

Lindsay Lewis, YMCA

Paula Turnquist, Kelsey Seybold

Ben Clutter, It’s Time Texas

Alex Chan, Clinton Health Matters Initiative

Tiffany Ross, Mental Health America

February 7, 2017 - Houston DPP Engagement Meeting


January 18, 2017 - HBCH Presents: Evidence-Based Navigation of Musculoskeletal Conditions (An Integrated Approach to Achieve Better Outcomes)

Casey Loyd, Surgery Plus, Narrow Network / Bundled Payment MSK Surgery

Thomas Parry, Ph.D., Integrated Benefits Institute, Re-Thinking the Approach to MSDs

Jim Pritchett, DHS Group, Value of Integrated Claims and Productivity Data

Chris Skisak, HBCH, The MSK Centers of Excellence Model

John Thresher, VP, Strategy Airrosti, Targeted Prevention, Diagnosis and Rehabilitation of MSK Injuries

Sriram Vishwanath, Brilliant.MD, High Precision Analytics for Payers and Providers: Case Studies