2018 HBCH Conference Presentations

Keynote Session: Healthcare as Big Business - And What Employers Can Do About It

Plenary Session 1: Population Health - Health & Benefits Literacy as a Key to Cost Management

Plenary Session 2: Innovative Payment and Delivery - Be Bold to Change the Status Quo    

Workshop 2:  High Value Accountable Primary Care                                  

Workshop 3: North American Specialty Hospital – Five Innovations in Travel-for-Treatment  

Workshop 4: Why manage diabetes when you can reverse it?                  

Workshop 5: Transform Healthcare through Worksite Clinics: A Children's Hospital Success Story

Workshop 6: Solutions that Engage and Direct Employees to Low Cost Commodity Care

Plenary Session 3: Pharmacy Market Trends: The Value Chain and the Impact on Key Stakeholders                                                                        

Plenary Session 4: Beyond the Data Warehouse: Using an integrated approach to unlockthe power of employer benefits data

Workshop 7: Results of the HBCH Specialty Pharmacy Collaboration      

Workshop 8:  The Caterpillar Inc. Pharmacy Management Solution - No Presentation

Workshop 9: Unlocking the "Black Box" of Surgical Care to Achieve Better Quality and Lower Cost                                                                      

Workshop 10: Employer Strategies to Monitor PBM Performance            

Workshop 11: Innovative strategies to manage the financial impact of pharmacy claims  

Workshop 12: Evidenced-based outcomes…it's easier than you think!