HBCH Employer ACO Roundtable

Participate with local employers, ACO’s and health plans to improve delivery, value and outcomes through the Accountable Care approach. HBCH is one of several regional, employer-led coalitions that are working together with their employer members to improve the overall performance of the Accountable Care Organizations they work with.   As ACO’s proliferate, employers are unsure of their value due to limited, incomplete or disparate metrics.  The goal of the HBCH Employer ACO Roundtable is to share knowledge and experience, and use our collective influence to establish standards that will  increase the value of the ACOs operating in the greater Houston area.    

Subject matter expertise for this effort comes from both The National Alliance for Healthcare Purchaser Coalitions and well as The Catalyst for Payment Reform (CPR).  Suzanne Delbanco, Ph.D. and executive director of CPR has provided valuable guidance and insight to HBCH on having constructive roundtable discussions with local partners at both the health system and health plan level.

Additionally, CPR has developed a unique tool that has already been utilized by HBCH employer members to help with RFP’s and reporting.  This tool, called SPARC (Standardized Plan ACO Reporting for Customers) can be. Used by health care purchasers use to assess their health plans’ strategies to use ACOs to improve the delivery of care and make it more affordable.


ACO Round Table members are using the SPARC toolkit from CPR which includes guidance on RFPs and reporting. Several employers are partnering with their health plans and health systems to enhance reporting using the standard reporting template from SPARC. The roundtable group is currently conducting forums with ACO health plans and health systems and employers. 

If you would like to learn more and/or get involved with the HBCH ACO Roundtable,  reach out to Chris Skisak at [email protected] for more information.

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