Episodes of Care

A National initiative to improve quality and costs of care through negotiated bundled payment agreements between employers, hospital systems and health plans for true episodes of care.  

HBCH is committed to harnessing the collective power of our employer members to support value-based delivery initiatives that offer the promise of sustainable and widespread payment reform.More than any other current initiative the Episodes of Care Initiative offers the most promise of doing so. 

Thought new to employers, Episodes of Care are not new to the market.  They have proven to be effective at reducing costs through improved quality of delivery in the Medicare population. It is is completely aligned with the vision employers have of their healthcare dollar paying for quality care at an appropriate cost.   Unlike Fee-for-Service arrangements, bundled payment models focused on the total episode of care promotes more proven quality outcomes, more clear cost savings and improved patient experiences.

HBCH is partnering with The National Alliance of Healthcare Purchaser Coalitions to engage Houston employers to improve value of their healthcare spend through the development of episodes of care working with local hospital systems and the employer’s TPA.  Initially the care episodes will be for the most common hospital services in the areas of cardiac care, maternity, orthopedic care and gastrointestinal.  Episodes of care are expected to save 15-20% of spend in these service areas.

The strategic partner handling the operations of the initiative is Remedy Partners. Remedy Partners is the leading episodes of care company in the US and has been the major partner with Medicare on The Bundled Payment Clinical Improvement program (BPCI). To date, Remedy has managed over 500,000 cumulative bundled payment episodes for Medicare and expects to save Medicare more than $250 million annually.  Based on its ability to deliver such savings, Remedy will prove to be a great partner for HBCH and Houston employers in the private insurance space.

Through its partnership with the National Alliance, HBCH has and will continue to provide multiple educational programs to Houston employers to reach a better understanding of how Episodes of Care could provide savings to employer-sponsored insurance.   Want to know more?  Reach out to Chris Skisak at [email protected]