HBCH Annual Employer Healthcare Cost, Trend and Interest Survey

Benchmark annually with local employers on health plan design and  costs, and learn current employer trends and interests.

For data to become useful information over time, it needs to be consistently collected and tracked to clearly illustrate trends as well as key changes in the market.  Beginning in   2017 HBCH has illustrated the key trends, cost changes, plan designs, and employer interests that have been experienced in the Houston market. Those results are provided free of charge to all HBCH members, and the results are  presented and discussed at a general session membership meeting each year. 

In addition to the “look back” of the previous year, HBCH’s Survey also captures the strategic interests of its employer members on what issues/challenges and opportunities that employers look to address in the coming year. This, combined with the periodic educational programs and aligned topics at The HBCH Annual Forum, provides Houston employers with knowledge and insights to strengthen their health benefits strategies for today and tomorrow.

All HBCH employer members are invited to participate annually in the survey.  If you are a HBCH employer member and would like a copy of last year’s survey or any previous survey you can go to https://houstonbch.org/members.php and download a copy (NOT REQUIRED YET.)  If you would like to join the working group that organizes the survey each year, reach out to Chris Skisak at [email protected]  New insights are always appreciated.