To improve the Cost, Quality and Consumer Experience in Healthcare Delivery in Houston and nationally through Collective Employer Influence.

Collective Influence: The strategic leverage that HBCH and/or its members employ to drive positive change in the Houston healthcare marketplace that improve costs, quality and patient experience in order to benefit their organizations and their employees. These can be small wins or big milestones. 

HBCH is committed to providing their employer members with tools and knowledge to prompt constructive dialogues with their market partners as well as providing venues for employers to collaborate to promote positive change in the Houston healthcare marketplace and beyond.

Collective Influence Wins by HBCH: 

Nine employers have leveraged their new knowledge from the SWAT Analysis to improve their management of specialty pharmacy with their medical and PBM vendor partners.

12 employers have had constructive dialogues with their hospital partners on towards improving their overall hospital spend relative to RAND Study results.

6 employers have mandated inclusion of evalu8 as part of their RFP process with health plan vendors.

Have an idea on how to drive collective influence? 

If you have an idea on how HBCH could drive collective and positive change in the marketplace, reach out to Executive Director Chris Skisak at [email protected].