The Houston Business Coalition on Health’s Strategic Process

The healthcare marketplace is replete with issues and challenges of all kinds.  As an employer-centric healthcare purchaser coalition it is challenging to be all things to all members.  HBCH uses a set of key foundational pillars to focus our efforts and provide tangible value to our members.  They are the building blocks for all HBCH key initiatives. These pillars can reside together or separately in any or all strategic initiatives we lead and therefore become a process to provide strategic focus.  These pillars are:

Build Smart Data

“Data, data everywhere but no usable information in sight.” That’s the status quo on many issues in Employer-Sponsored Insurance. Employer-centric data can be difficult to access, much less to turn into actionable information. HBCH works to educate and assist employers to hone their healthcare strategies by identifying actionnable information in order to address problem areas as well as opportunities to maximize.

As an example, the RAND study is about data but is more about transparency which can lead to payment reform. One example of this are the Hospital Cost Study by Rand that identifies areas where employers are paying many multiples of what Medicare is paying for hospital services. Another example is the Specialty Pharmacy SWAT Analysis program that gives clear line of sight to opportunities to save costs.  This is offered to employer members at a discounted rate.  

Promote Transparency

The Healthcare Marketplace is extremely crowded with vendors, partners, data and ever-changing trends. It is full of confusion for the employer making benefits decisions. HBCH is committed to providing insights that help bring clarity to this non-transparent market where it can. The majority of our transparency initiatives are done with national level partners in order to provide a full-scale perspective for the Houston market.  

Drive Innovation

Specifically, in payment and delivery reform, this is the “super-goal” of all our other work. We strive to bring the collective influence of all employer-member-purchasers in the coalition, representing 1.5 million lives in the US, to bear on key issues that matter most.

This is where the “Big Hairy Audacious Goals” reside- to work to transform the marketplace in a win-win fashion for all stakeholders yet centric to the needs and values of the employers who sponsor the benefits for majority of healthcare in Houston.

Advance Population Health Best Practices

There are already so many good initiatives happening in Houston around Population Health!  HBCH focuses on supporting and advancing the best evidence-based ideas impacting the priority health issues that challenge Houston’s workforce and their families, especially those that are preventable with positive health behaviors. HBCH has created the Bill Baun Award that recognizes Houston employers who demonstrate significant advancement in population health.