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HBCH Episodes of Care - Webinar Video

Episodes of Care Presentation

HBCH Houston Hospital Transparency - Webinar Video

Hospital Price Tranparency Presentation

Social Determinants of Health: the role of employers - Webinar Video

SDOH Presentation

The Validation Institute and The Cerified Health Value Purchaser

The VI Presentation

Obesity As A Chronic Disease, Implicaptions for Employers

Obesity Presentation

2020 HBCH Virtual conference

Day 1 - Conference

Francois de Brantes - Keynote Speaker

The Price We Pay - A Discussion of the NYTs best-seller by Dr. Marty Makary, Panel Discussion

The Price We Pay in Houston - Results of the 2020 HBCH Employer Healthcare Benefits Costs, Trends & Interests Survey

Transparency in Healthcare Pricing - The RAND Study, Panel Discussion


The Voters Guide to Healthcare with Den Bishop

A Transparent Legislative Update from Washington with James Gelfand

Transparency in the Pharmacy Supply Chain, Panel Discussion

Value-Based Purchasing Opportunities in the Houston Market, Panel Discussion


Case Study 1 - Journey to Cost and Quality Transparency with Carrie Rust

Case Study 2 - The Growing Importance of Transparency in Quality and Cost in Cancer Care with Robert “Bo” Gamble, Dr. Lalan Wilfong, and Alti Rahman

Case Study 3 - Using Data to Improve the Member Experience and Lower Costs with James Millaway and Jeanne T. Aguilar


2020 HBCH Pharma Event Presentations


2019 HBCH Mental Health forum Presentation
2019 HBCH Oncology Care Forum Presentation
2019 HBCH eValue8 CORE


HBCH Presents:The Primary Care Physician: The Holy Grail to Lower Costs & Higher Quality
HBCH Presents: Obesity as a Disease in the Workplace: Implications, Challenges & Opportunities
HBCH Transformational Benchmarking - Webinar Recording
HBCH Transformational Benchmarking- Presentation


Healthcare as Big Business - And What Employers Can Do About It
Population Health - Health & Benefits Literacy as a Key to Cost Management
Innovative Payment and Delivery - Be Bold to Change the Status Quo
High Value Accountable Primary Care
North American Specialty Hospital – Five Innovations in Travel-for-Treatment
Why manage diabetes when you can reverse it?
Transform Healthcare through Worksite Clinics: A Children's Hospital Success Story
Solutions that Engage and Direct Employees to Low Cost Commodity Care
Pharmacy Market Trends: The Value Chain and the Impact on Key Stakeholders
Beyond the Data Warehouse: Using an integrated approach to unlockthe power of employer benefits data Results of the HBCH Specialty Pharmacy Collaboration
The Caterpillar Inc. Pharmacy Management Solution - No Presentation
Unlocking the "Black Box" of Surgical Care to Achieve Better Quality and Lower Cost 
Employer Strategies to Monitor PBM Performance
Innovative strategies to manage the financial impact of pharmacy claims
Evidenced-based outcomes…it's easier than you think!