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Brian Kehan
Director, Benefits & Wellbeing

Brian Kehan is a dedicated and knowledgeable leader in the field of benefits and well-being. As the Director of Benefits and Well-being at Merck & Co., Inc, he oversees the company’s comprehensive benefits program, which includes health, retirement, and wellness benefits. With 20 years of experience, Brian has developed a deep understanding of the complex and ever-changing landscape of benefits and well-being. He is known for his ability to design and implement innovative programs that meet the needs of employees and their families while also aligning with the company’s overall business strategy.

Prior to joining Merck & Co., Inc, Brian held management roles in benefits and wellbeing at several other companies in various industries. In these roles, he led the development and implementation of successful benefits programs and was responsible for managing vendor relationships, analyzing data, and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

Brian holds a bachelor’s degree in Labor Industrial Relations from the Pennsylvania State University and completed the Certified Employee Benefits Specialists (CEBS) designation.