eValue8 Health Plan Benchmarking Program

Strengthen your purchasing decisions with smart data- a benchmarking comparison of health plans on their performance in key, employer-centric metric areas. 

SummaryHBCH has become a Regional Leader for eValue8, a nation-wide benchmarking resource for employers of health plans on key performance areas important to employers.   

Making health plan choices is a daunting task. You want to hit the right mix of the best quality at a fair price.  You want the plan you choose to exceed your expectations as a plan sponsor.  In addition to local market comparisons provided by your strategic partners, regional and national benchmarking can help with decision making. That’s where eValue8 comes in. 

eValue8TM was created more than 20-years ago by employers and many of the nation’s top private and public sector organizations focused on healthcare quality to define, measure and evaluate health plan performance across the US.  The goal was to know that they were purchasing quality health care and got administrative excellence and consumer satisfaction at a fair price.   

Health plans that participate in eValue8 provide data on how well they perform in key areas that are important to employers. Areas such as patient safety, waste elimination, provider metrics and payment, and consumer engagement.  Other areas include prevention, disease management, health promotion, adoption of health information technology, pharmaceutical management and behavioral health.  

Plans and purchasers receive objective scores enabling comparison of plans against regional and national benchmarks and a roadmap for improvement.  As a result of face-to-face discussion of findings and roadmap, plans learn what they need to do to align their strategies with purchaser expectations.  

Results to date:

Employers are using eValue8 to: 

  • Help establish performance goals with their plan partners 
  • Use clear metrics to measure quality in the employer lexicon 
  • Identify results-oriented disease management and “best-in-class” performers 
  • And much more

Some employers, including here in Houston, require participation in eValue8 as part of the health plan RFP’s.

If you are interested in learning more, acquiring the evalue8 information and/or using the evalue8 information to discuss with your health plan, please reach out to Chris Skisak, Director at [email protected]