Texas Employers for Affordable Healthcare Celebrates House Bill 711 is Law, Legislation will Lower Healthcare Prices for Texans

HOUSTON – June 20, 2023 – Texas Employers for Affordable Healthcare (TXEAHC) applauds House Bill 711 becoming law. The legislation which addresses anti-competitive contract provisions and conduct affecting healthcare provider networks that is largely part responsible for the higher costs paid by employers takes effect immediately with the exception of anti-steering and anti-tiering provisions in contracts that remain in effect until the end of the year.

“While the bill was filed without signature, we are grateful to Governor Abbott for allowing the will of Texas employers and the overwhelming support of the House and Senate with only one nay vote between them to enable HB 711 to become law,” said Chris Skisak, PhD, TXEAHC executive director. “Supporting the passage of this legislation is just the beginning or our grassroot efforts to create a healthcare marketplace for employers that is transparent and fosters competition.”
Stakeholders of TXEAHC are non-profit organizations representing the state’s largest employers and a nonpartisan public policy think tank working to engage policymakers to restore healthy competition:

• Dallas-Fort Worth Business Group on Health
• Houston Business Coalition on Health
• San Antonio Business Group on Health
• Texas 2036
• Texas Business Group on Health

About Texas Employers for Affordable Healthcare

Texas Employers for Affordable Healthcare is a 501(c)(4) established to mobilize employers, employees and their families, and other healthcare stakeholders across the state to rein in the excessive prices paid for employer-sponsored healthcare for almost half of all Texans and approximately 14 million people. To foster transparency, prohibit anti-competitive contracts and billing, and increase oversight on consolidations and mergers, the non-profit is working to pass legislation in 2023 to restore healthy competition and thwart rising prices. Learn more: txeahc.org and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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