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HBCH | John Farnsley

John Farnsley
Executive Vice President
90 degree benefits


As Executive Vice President, Mr. Farnsley is responsible for product development and distribution for 90 Degree Benefits. Additionally, Mr. Farnsley leads the 90 Degree Benefits provider contracting unit which works directly with providers and facilities to execute direct provider agreements on behalf of 90 Degree Benefit clients.  Mr. Farnsley has served in multiple executive sales positions that include Senior Vice President of Sales for HealthSmart Preferred Care, Chief Sale’s officer for Q-Elements, and director of Corporate Wellness for Pleasant Valley.   

During his tenure with HealthSmart John was directly involved in the acquisition and integration of multiple Third Party Administrators, PPOs, Care Management firms and PBMs.  Mr. Farnsley brings an extensive background in managed care where he has worked for over 30 years in various sales, product development, and executive leadership roles. John has served on multiple industry board and trade associations. Mr. Farnsley earned a Bachelor Science from Texas State University and is married with 2 children.  John joined 90 Degree Benefits in 2010.