Employer Member Categories & Annual Dues

An Organization whose primary business is not healthcare delivery and whose representatives to HBCH are responsible for human resources, health benefits and health improvement activities for its covered population.

Employer Size: <500 | 500 - 1000 | 2000 - 9999 | 10000+

Annual Dues:    $750 |    $1000      |     $2000       |  $3000

Associate Member Categories & Dues

An organization whose primary business is healthcare delivery (hospitals, health plans, benefits consultants, wellness providers)

Associate For Profit: $4000 | Associate Non-Profit: $2000

Non-Profit / Academic / Government

A non-profit, academic or governmental organization not established for the purpose of making a profit and whose primary business is not healthcare delivery.

Dues: $500


Benefits of Membership - All Members

Opportunity for employees to attend any HBCH event at no cost, except annual conference
Opportunity to participate on HBCH committees
Consideration to serve on HBCH Board if position(s) are available
Opportunity to sponsor an HBCH event/program
Opportunity to participate in or host Employer-Only Roundtables
Logo displayed at all HBCH events and select marketing materials
Logo displayed on HBCH website running banner with link to organization website
Logo displayed in HBCH Membership Package

Additional Employer membership Benefits

Opportunity to participate in all HBCH benchmarking
Opportunity to request HBCH to benchmark local employers on topics of interest to your organization
Opportunity to submit information for HBCH Weekly Newsletter
Opportunity to access Integrated Benefits Institute resources and attend events at member rates
Opportunity to access National Alliance of Healthcare Purchaser Coalitions and attend meetings at no cost
Opportunity to attend other coalition events at no or member rates (TBGH, DFWBG, Southwest Benefits Association)

Additional Associate Membership Benefits

Opportunity for employer clients to attend any HBCH event at no cost, except annual conference
Opportunity to request HBCH Benchmarking
Opportunity to sponsor and participate in the HBCH annual conference
Opportunity to distribute branded and unbranded materials to membership