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AffirmedRx is on a mission to improve health care outcomes by bringing clarity, integrity and trust to pharmacy benefit management (PBM). Their approach allows them to put members and their clients first, which directly supports the goals of their clients searching for the best solution.

Their differentiators below outline how they believe they are fundamentally different:

AffirmedRx is a Public Benefit Corporation or PBC: created to benefit the public and serve its members. They are committed to a social mission and community considerations 

Personalized care and compassionate navigation: Health care is local and personal and AffirmedRx understands the complexities of the pharmaceutical industry. Members receive individual support for all their needs. 

Patients over Profits – AffirmedRx is a company that delivers true cost control measures and reimbursement not predicated on shell games or bait and switch tactics – no hidden charges or financial withholds. They do not retain rebates, they do not retain spread, and complexities of they do not retain or bill any extra fees. They are a PBM you can trust.

 Alignment: AffirmedRx is aligned with its clients and is deeply committed to delivering on its mission to operate in the best interest of its members/patients and customers. Their charter as a PBC provides AffirmedRx with the legal framework to do what is right by those who rely on them for care, rather than obligate ourselves to focus on profit for shareholders, which often occurs to the detriment of clients and the members they serve.

 Hyperflexible technology and an intelligent, care-driven platform: AffirmedRx is delivering the best of the best in its platforms – doing things differently and cultivating partnerships with technological disruptors that simplify the administrative infrastructure and work processes so 90% of the effort can be flexible, nimble, and focused on members and clients — where it really matters.

“You are from the insurance company, right? And do you realize that this isn’t the way that they normally work?”

– Provider & Member, after the Patient Navigation team assisted with facilitating communication

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Ashley Vander Linde
National Head of Sales

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