Leveraging Virtual Care and Traditional Care: Strategies for Success

Virtual Health/Telemedicine offers innovative tools to address the “Triple Aim” of improving the patient experience, improving outcomes, and decreasing cost. Join thought leaders from Mercer and Kelsey-Seybold, along with other local healthcare executives









Feb 27

Transparency in the Pharma Supply Chain: Knowledge is Power!

“Every employer needs to hear this” was expressed by HBCH Board members attending an HBCH hosted an employer-only a discussion on transparency on the pharmacy supply chain.

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Apr 14

Key Initiatives

  • Leverage health plan benchmarking to drive performance and client service improvement

  • Lower healthcare cost 15-20% with this no-risk and proven quality process improvement

  • Reduce spend by 20% in medical and PBM through transparency analysis and management action

  • Benchmark with local evergreen employers on health plan design, costs , trends and interests.

  • Improve Mental Health Access, Care & Outcomes

  • Address this top health spend with a proven, evidence-based population health approach.

  • Participate with local employers, ACOs and health plans to improve delivery value and outcomes

  • Reduce costs by providing employees info to hospitals with best safety and quality grades

  • Learn paid amount vs. Medicare for all hospital services and collectively leverage to recue costs



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