HBCH Conference 2020

Transparency: Clearing the Path to Value-Based Purchasing









Aug 26

TBGH & HBCH 2020 Regional Benefits Series - The Challenge of Change

Please join us for TBGH’s virtual 2020 Regional Benefits Series. Aug, 26, 27, Sept. 2, 3 from 12:00 – 1:15

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Nov 18

HBCH Validation Institute Virtual Forum

The purpose of the forum will be to educate employers and other healthcare stakeholders about the value of partnering with VI recognized vendors, the value of obtaining the Certified Health Value Professional Certification, and to learn about your high va

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Key Initiatives

  • Leverage health plan benchmarking to drive performance and client service improvement

  • Reduce spend by 20% in medical and PBM through transparency analysis and management action

  • Lower healthcare cost 15-20% with this no-risk and proven quality process improvement

  • Benchmark with local evergreen employers on health plan design, costs , trends and interests.

  • Address this top health spend with a proven, evidence-based population health approach.

  • Improve Mental Health Access, 
    Care & Outcomes

  • Participate with local employers, ACOs and health plans to improve delivery value and outcomes

  • Reduce costs by providing employees info to hospitals with best safety and quality grades

  • Learn paid amount vs. Medicare for all hospital services and collectively leverage to recue costs