HBCH Chris Deacon Headshot

Chris Deacon
Consultant & Legal Expert
VerSan Consulting, LLC

Chris Deacon is a distinguished consultant and legal expert in employer-sponsored healthcare, advocating for cost-effective strategies that benefit both employers and employees. As a seasoned national speaker and a reliable source for industry publications, she stands out for her integrity and impactful content in healthcare discussions. Her leadership at VerSan Consulting, LLC is marked by innovative solutions that have significantly reduced healthcare expenditures.

Deacon’s tenure at the New Jersey Department of Treasury was notable for implementing cost-saving measures exceeding $3 billion, reflecting her commitment to fiscal responsibility and healthcare quality. Her comprehensive legal and regulatory expertise was honed in her roles as Deputy Attorney General and as Special Counsel to Governor Christie. Deacon is a Rutgers Law School graduate with a BA in International Affairs from The George Washington University.  She currently resides in Moorestown New Jersey with her three children, Coleman Emer and Collins, partner Stephen, and Twitch, the family dog.