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HBCH Francois de Brantes

Francois de Brantes
Executive Vice President
XO Health


François de Brantes has spent close to two decades working to transform the U.S. healthcare system by improving incentives for providers and consumers in order to encourage value-based decisions.

As Executive Vice President, Payment and Network Performance, François leverages his decades of expertise to help provider, payer and employer-focused organizations achieve their goals of achieving measurable change in the system and improving outcomes for all Americans. XO Health is a new health plan focused exclusively on self-insured employers and designed to drive better outcomes for plan members and their employers. François oversees the design and implementation of all advanced alternative payment models and the performance of the network in delivering real value.

Prior to that, François was Senior Vice President of Episodes of Care at Signify Health where he led customer development of the Medicare Advantage, Self-Insured Employer, and Commercial Payer markets. In his role, François has also been an active member of the corporate development team, and participated in the acquisition of Caravan Health by Signify.

Prior to joining Signify Health, François served as Vice President of Altarum, a national nonprofit. From 2006 to 2016, he was Executive Director of the Health Care Incentives Improvement Institute (HCI3), a not-for-profit company that designed programs to motivate physicians and hospitals to improve the quality and affordability of healthcare delivery. The organization, which merged with Altarum in December 2017, was responsible for creating and implementing the Bridges to Excellence (BTE) and PROMETHEUS Payment programs, which compensate and reward clinicians that focus on episodes of care and performance measures.

Prior to HCI3, François was Chief Operating Officer of the eHealth Initiative (eHI), which promotes adoption of health information technology in the U.S. He led the development of eHI’s HIE Value and Sustainability Model, a method to value services offered by Health Information Exchanges. Early in his career working in General Electric’s corporate health care department, he was involved in many strategic programs that created, connected and supported Active Consumers, and defined market mechanisms to reward providers for better performance.

François holds a master’s degree in Economics and Finance from the University of Paris IX-Dauphine and a master’s degree in Business Administration from the Tuck School of Business Administration at Dartmouth College.