Jim Arnold HBCH Conference Houston Texas

Jim Arnold, CPA, CMA, CFE
Founder & CEO
finHealth, Inc.

Jim founded finHealth in 2014, with a mission to “Simplify & Control Healthcare Costs” for innovative, self-funded employers.  By offering exceptional transparency to their medical and PBM data, finHealth’s proprietary “Analytics-as-a-Service” business model and cost containment methodologies enable employers to systematically take back control of their healthcare expenditures.

Our powerful AI-enabled platform empowers employers to independently verify that claims are being paid accurately, only for eligible employees, spouses, and their dependents, and at competitive market prices.

Industry leading insights aid employers in crafting a health plan strategy that simultaneously drives down costs while improving the quality of care by successfully integrating Plan Design, Payment Integrity, Contract Compliance, Utilization Management, Site of Care Optimization, Network Management, Population Health, Employee Education, Member Advocacy and more.