Speaker Bio

HBCH Kathy Giammona

Kathy Giammona, PharmaD
Medical Account Director
Novo Nordisk

Dr. Kathy Giammona, PharmD is a Medical Account Director at Novo Nordisk, Inc. for the Texas/ LA region, specializing in Cardiometabolic diseases such as Obesity, NASH, CKD and Diabetes. In this role, Dr. Giammona spends her time consulting and educating health plans, EBCs, actuaries, state government (Medicaid/Medicare) organizations responsible for drug formulary decisions impacting patients throughout the country. She also works with integrated health systems around population health and improving quality.

Additionally, Dr. Giammona engages with employers who are alert to the clinical crisis of obesity and diabetes in their employees.  Her aim is to assist these companies with the improvement of their employees’ health via proper medical management. 

Dr. Giammona is a proud graduate of Texas A&M University at College Station where she received her Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Sciences.  She then went on to The University of Texas Pharmacy School where she received her Doctor of Pharmacy.

After working two years as a retail pharmacist at Walgreens Pharmacy, Dr. Giammona worked 10 years for AstraZeneca as Medical Science Liaison specializing in dyslipidemia, acute coronary syndrome and hypertension.  She has spent the past 13 years with NovoNordisk, most recently specializing in Diabetes and Obesity as well as other emerging cardiometabolic diseases. Her current role as a Medical Account Director is to provide clinical based information so payers can make informed decisions.

She has completed more than 23 years of pharmaceutical industry experience and has given hundreds of clinical presentations.  Dr. Giammona is active in her community by serving in the past on the regional American Diabetes Board. There she was able to serve the community through fund raising, educational efforts and community health events. She currently works with coalitions such as the Houston Business Coalition on Health where she advocates for improved health care and recognition of social determinants of health that might impact outcomes of patients with cardiometabolic diseases.

She is the proud mother of twins, Lucas and Hannah, who are attending Texas A&M at College Station. She enjoys spending time with friends and family outdoors and is an avid hunter and fisherwoman.