HBCH Hospital Transparency

Hospital Transparency

HBCH will continue to provide tools and the collective employer voice to drive lower costs for services.

HBCH Smart Network

Smart Network

HBCH will continue to work with local providers and employers to introduce a Smart Network with an Advanced Primary Care foundation and referral to specialists based on price and quality.

HBCH Legislative Advocacy

Legislative Advocacy

Texas Employers for Affordable Healthcare to pass legislation in 2023 to prohibit anti-competitive contract language.

HBCH Educational Programs

Educational Programming

Will consist of three forums, the annual conference, and webinars on the quickly changing landscape of employer-sponsored benefits.

HBCH Community

Community Voice of the employer

HBCH will continue it is role as the Employer Voice in the Community for several local organizations dedicated to health and welfare of all citizens in greater Houston.

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