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Employer health plans pay hospitals 224% of Medicare

By Alex Kacik | May 17, 2022

Employers continue to pay hospitals more than double the amount Medicare would pay for the same services, a new study

Insurance Newsnet

How an Indiana pharmacist is teaming up with employers to fight the hidden hospital prices that drive up health care costs

By Erica Fry | May 4, 2022

Gloria Sachdev landed at the helm of the Employers’ Forum of Indiana in 2015, feeling like the proverbial woman…

Houston Chronicle

Insight: Health care moves toward value-based care at sluggish pace

By Rebecca Carballo | December 17, 2021

As health care costs in the United States continue to rise, employers are looking to manage those costs. Insurance companies, policy experts and…

Houston Chronicle

Moving toward quality, affordable care: First-hand perspectives

By Alan Goforth | June 10, 2021

Dan Burke works with more than 20,000 employees as director of corporate benefits for Turner Industries Group in Baton…

Houston Chronicle

'Moving with the times': Employers debate tracking COVID vaccination status, flexible schedules

By Gwendolyn Wu | June 4, 2021

On the verge of returning to workplaces and resuming normal life, Houston employers say the lessons they’ve learned about public health and meeting…

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